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    System Features

    New Features for Release 3.2:

    • Professional Version only:
    • Integrated Report Writer and Mail Merge - quickly print Labels, Envelopes, Merge Documents, and Reports, with the new easy to use Report Writer. Includes Wizards to create new Labels, Envelopes and Reports.
    • Email Merge - Easily create and send HTML Email using an Email Merge. Can be used to Email any Contacts including SQL Query, Filtered Lists, or even to one or more selected Individuals. Performing an Email merge with this program is just as easy as sending a regular email !
    • Track Mail and Email Merges with Activity Tracking! See the complete history of each Contact, including mass mailings. You can even mark them for follow-up if desired.
    • Integration with Microsoft Office Outlook - Send Outlook Email directly from Insight Professional. Use the Toolbar in Outlook to add Insight Contacts, Reply or Forward email with an Insight Activity without leaving Outlook (MS Office Outlook 2003-2016).
    • Prospect Tracking - track any number of tasks, meetings, email and other activities to multiple Contacts all under one sales 'prospect' (or 'project').
    • Import Templates - Now save an Import in a Template to make future Imports/Updates from that data source very quick and easy.
    • Both Professional and Lite Versions:
    • Integrated Spell checking for Email, Notes and any Merge documents you create.
    • Now supports HTML formatted Email.
    • Automatic Program Updates - new updates are automatically downloaded and installed for you.
    • Database upgrade - the program is now much faster and more efficient.
    • The Innovative Record Search feature now has a new 'Filter' mode. Quickly display only records that match the text you type. As with the original 'Search' mode, can filter by any number of fields simultaneously.
    • New list formats:
      • Address List: Shows every address for each contact.
      • Hyperlink List: Displays all web addresses, documents, and other 'Links' to each Contact.
      • Prospect / Project List [PRO ONLY]: Displays all activities and notes for each sales Prospect (or Project) you are tracking.
    • Many other enhancements and improvements have been made throughout the program in this release.
    • Windows 10 and Office 2016 compatible.

    Insight Contact Management Professional:

    • Activity Tracking - tracks all email, meeting notes, and other correspondence or dated notes to individual contacts. Set auto reminders for follow-up.
    • Set Follow-Up Reminders - set reminders to follow-up anyone or any task.
    • Custom Views - Save a Special List Format to Display and Sort by virtually any fields in the database. Filter by Contact Groups or other selection Criteria. This specially formatted List can then be displayed at any time with a single click.
    • SQL Query - Easily create and save SQL Database Queries. The SQL Query can select, sort and display your Contacts by virtually any field in the database. Any Saved Query can later be accessed with a single click.
    • Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook Contacts - Update Your Corporate Outlook Address Book and receive Updates from Outlook. Great for use in a Corporate environment and for using mobile devices (Outlook will Sync to your phone/tablet).

    Lite and Professional versions:

    • Multi-User Capability Both Lite and Professional Versions Are Multi-User - everyone in the company can share the Same Data.
    • The 'Contacts Explorer' displays and organizes all your contacts into your own Groups and Sub-Groups.
    • Unlimited Phone Numbers, Email and physical Addresses for each contact.
    • Tracks local calling Area Codes and local Long Distance numbers for multiple Locations (U.S. and Canada Only).
    • User definable labels for phone numbers, email addresses, dates, and special 'User Defined' fields.
    • Put Voice Menu Selections, Office hours or any other information in each Phone Number, Email, or Address record.
    • Get an On-line Map to most addresses in the US, Canada and 16 European Countries with one click (Internet connection required).
    • Now supports International phone numbers and addresses.
    • Customize virtually every field in the Database.
    • Unlimited notes for each Contact.
    • Reminders for important dates (such as birthdays, anniversaries or any user defined date for a contact).
    • Unlimited Links to Web Pages, Documents or folders for every Contact Record.
    • Now supports any Email Program and allows address labels and hidden distribution lists.
    • Import Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Distribution Lists and Categories.
    • Export and Import in a variety of formats.

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