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"This is everything I've ever wanted in a contact manager"

"I have been looking high and low for a product like this and I think I've finally found it! It's compact, easy, customizable - with the addition of the contact tracking module it is everything I've been looking for."
"...I know I love this for my contact tracking - but once I showed it to others in our office they felt they could benefit from it too."

"Insight keeps coming up to the top of the list, I've scoured the net for contact managers and really like the "clean" code. You guys are really doing everything right. Better than of the any others I've looked at."

"Much Better than OL or any other program I've seen including one costing over $600"

"If I had to dream up the software I would want - this would be it!"
"I'm in sales and I need to get to the info very quickly and easily - this program does that very well."


"Your 'Contacts Explorer' function is outstanding"

"You definitely get full marks for customer support"

"For sales people who need to manage a territory this is amazing!"
"You can customize the field labels on the Contacts tabs to suit your needs. You can create groups for better territory management. You can export and report on the data. You can import data. You can create follow-up reminders. You can create email & fax campaigns. It integrates with Outlook. Honestly, this application exceeded my expectations. MUCH better than ACT! Better than Salesforce.com and Upshot (Siebel) for the territory management level user.
I recommend it highly - and I'm PICKY!"

"This is the best system I have found on the net for recording Addresses and birthdays etc, and I have tried many."

"This is the nicest contact manager I've seen, after looking at several others this is the best I found. Really clean interface"

"I have been looking for weeks for just the right application. I installed Maximizer, and I installed ACT - both were not what I wanted, not simple and flexible (yes, I know they are flexible, but with a huge learning curve which the daily user would benefit from), [they] were huge and also could not print out a simple envelope the way I wanted. Lots of other programs were not very useful. Yours was the only one I recognized right away as "feeling right" and was able to keep all my contact notes the way I wanted."

...And finally, from one of our many users in the UK:

Hi Folks.

I bought ICM Lite last week and upgraded to PRO a couple of days ago and felt moved to write the following…

As an Tech journalist, I live and die by the ease and speed with which I can access my contacts and I've got to say I haven't found a contacts manager that comes close to Insight Pro. I find it intuitive, flexible and with unlimited groups, sub-groups, contacts and numbers, all of which can be cross-referenced easily, it's as scaleable as it gets. Support too is fast, friendly and helpful, so I would recommend Insight Contact Manager to anyone who's fed up with hybrid PIM solutions. Well done Welborn [Software].

Best Wishes;



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