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Insight Contact Management
Frequently Asked Questions

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*** PLEASE NOTE! ***
ICM is no longer in development - new customers will not be supported

Can I order the software without downloading it?
Yes, the software is now available on CD which also includes a tutorial. See our Purchase Page to order on-line or by phone now.

What is the difference between the 21-day trial version and registered version?
The Trial Version has the same functionality of the full registered version with only two differences: the trial version will only operate on your computer for 21 days after installation; and the trial version will not perform exporting.

How do I register so that I can continue using the software?
Go to our Purchase Page page and click on the link to buy the software license. We will email you a registration key that will allow you to continue using the software without time restrictions.

What are your prices?
Please refer to our Purchase Page for the details.
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